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Publication Dates: New issues of The Objective Standard are published on the 20th of February, May, August, and November and remain the current issue until the publication of the next issue.

Shipping: Shipping for Premium and Print subscriptions to addresses within the U.S. is free; to Canada or Mexico, $15; to all other destinations, $20.

Automatic renewal: Subscribers receive uninterrupted service, including delivery of or access to The Objective Standard. Subscriptions are automatically renewed each year at the rate then in effect. Before your credit card is charged for renewal, you’ll receive an email reminder including the amount to be charged. You may cancel at any time and receive a full refund on all remaining issues. Simply email to cancel your renewal or request a refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are new issues of TOS published?

TOS is published quarterly, on the 20th of February, May, August, and November. The Website edition is posted on the 20th of those months; the Ebook edition on the 25th; and the Audio and Kindle editions on the 28th. The Print edition is mailed (approximately) on the 28th as well.

Which print issue will be the first in my Print or Premium subscription? And when will I receive it?

The first print issue included in a Print or Premium subscription is the forthcoming issue, not the current issue. (The current print issue can be purchased separately.) Newly published issues are mailed (approximately) on the 28th of February, May, August, and November. The postal monopoly claims to deliver periodical mail within ten days, but sometimes it takes substantially longer. If you’ve not received your copy within two weeks of the shipping date, please let us know and we will mail you another copy at no additional charge.

How do I access my electronic TOS subscription content (e.g., Website, Ebook, or Audio)?

First, be sure you’re logged in and that your subscription is current. Also be sure to check that the content you’d like to access is included in your subscription type. (You can upgrade your subscription any time.)

To access TOS articles on our website, visit any page you’d like to view. If you’re logged in and your subscription is current, you should have access to all current- and back-issue articles.

To access Ebook or Audio content, visit the Issue Page of the issue you’d like to access, and click the “EBOOK” link located under the “Subscriber Files” header. The file should then download to your device.

To access Audio content, visit the specific article you’d like to access, and click the “MP3” link near the title. The file should then download to your device.

Can I have more than one active subscription at a time?

Yes. You can create additional subscriptions at any time. You can also have multiple Print subscriptions sent to different names and addresses.